Vic Silo Trail 2022

Victorian Silo Trip

Finally the day has arrived to leave on this long anticipated trip. First stop Goulburn in a caravan park. I arrive day early...just cause I can. Sunny and only slight chill. In the morning it's 2 degrees.....Brrrr Deb rings and will be leaving in few hours. I say how cold it is and we decide to meet here instead of Gunning Showground. Fine with Ron too. Ron arrives just after 12.00, we have lunch then drive into town. Do a walk, Paragon Cafe still there but unfortunely closed. Next Court House, we go inside, ceilings so high and beautiful. Then drive to Rocky Hill Memorial - Great views. Museum is closed on Tuesdays...bugger that's today. The memorial is made of rocks and so tall. Back at camp where Deb and Col have arrived. For happy hour we venture to the camp kitchen as it's very cold. Then back to vans for tea and heaters on....5 degrees it is.

Next day Deb leads, were in convoy to Gunning via Breadalbane. Beautiful country drive and glad to be off the highway.  At Gunning we go for a walk and stop at Merino's Cafe for the first of many coffee's and cakes. My turn to lead, put Yass showground in my GPS....all good. As we near Yass I turn left into Grand Junction Road, sign comes up....we are heading for Wee Jasper. We turn around, Deb looks up on her phone....should have turned right. Finally find it and I unhook so we can drive onto town. Have a walk, see beautiful churches, court house and Deb's friends place she use to go as a child. House still looks the same. 

Ron's turn to lead. Bowning first stop at Rollonin Cafe for  coffee and HUGE scones..Yummy. Cafe had great memorbillia. Then to Jugiong. Met up with a friend of my neighbours who takes us for a drive around, must say some steep hills in Jugiong, but Dusty and Pocket Rocket did it with did the others. Joy then takes us to the local Catholic Church. This is on a hill too and such magnificent views. Next thing a motorhome pulls in..Rob and Pam had seen us and pulled in. Great now we are all together. And we have our leader. (none of us liked leading). Onto Gundagai where  our sites are under cover....really...but concidering it's raining was very comfortable.

Friday drizzle, we head to Information Centre for tips on what to see. In the centre is Rusconi's Marble beautiful. All hand made...Brillant. To Niagara Cafe, it's a milk bar from the 60's. Great memorbillia. and coffee is great too. A walk around town with visit to a museum by some and craft shop by others where Deb has bought wool, needles and pattern to make a coat. Truck Museum next...interesting and the volunteers so informative. The RSL use to have a Chinese Restuarant, our mouths are watering. No only Fish and Chips or Snitzel. Disappointing, but we still have time on this trip. The meal was not the best. As we walking out of the club we notice Rob is missing. "Where's Rob ?" Ron says "Reading The Honour Board " Deb and I burst into laughter ( For those that don't know Rob, he reads everything ) We drive to the lookout, Impressive. Can see where the old road bridge has been demolished but the rail bridge is still there. Then to another lookout where lots of water is laying around.

We leave next day heading to Holbrook. Such beautiful countryside, green fields and the Canola crops are so bright. WOW moment. Stop at the park with the Submarine. Some of us climb it. Then to bakery. We are in line Ron, Deb and me. Ron asks  "Bushman"s Pie please." Deb next "Bushman's Pie please " Sales lady says " Sorry just sold the last one " Do you know Ron didn't share and he enjoyed every bite. Next stop Ettamough Pub for a look then Albury Showground for couple nights.

Today we pack a picnic lunch. 1st stop Info Centre. Then up to War Memorial and look out, very impressive but the look out has too many trees to see anything. Off to Botanical Garden for morning tea. Well we are out of practice - Bev forgot biscuits and milk, Rob & Pam their bag which has cups, tea and coffee. Deb's was cold water. Between us we have an enjoyable morning tea. The garden's are beautiful. The Children's Garden is so interesting and fantastic with fantasy figures, we spend most of our time there. Next Hovell Tree Park where the mighty Murray is flowing . Park has BBQ's and undercover seating plus a Pizza Oven which is locked. Must be for special occassions. Bev, Ron and Rob go for a walk along the path. Col, Deb and Pam sit at a table where we will have lunch. The river is up very high and the wind comes up and is cold. When we return we find others sitting in my car....very cozy. Ok lunch back at camp. Ron leads with Rob and Pam in his car. I have Deb and Col. Bit of traffic - car comes between us. It's ok, can see top of Ron's car as he turns. We go bit further, Deb and I chatting when showground comes up and we go past. "Why didn't Ron turn - is he seeing something else ? " I say. Deb goes on two way. Ron says "I turned at the lights." WHAT....we are following wrong car....we laugh out loud. After lunch Ron, Rob, Pam and Bev do the Historical Walk in town. Some great beautiful buildings. Col and Deb are off to friends and going to have a Roast Chicken and Baked Vegetables for tea....JEALOUS

Ron has Pam and Rob in his car while Col and Deb in mine. We go in convoy to the Hume Dam which  was good to see although some drizzle. Water was splilling out. Then Bonegilla Migrant Camp. This is where refugee who wanted to migrate could come. Their passage, simple housing and meals were supplied. They were taught english had activities and dances. In return they worked for 2 years in any job they were sent to. At there busiest housed 8,000 migrants. 98 out of 100 were glad and grateful to be there.  Ron leading on way home, we get caught with lights. Ok no problem we can find our way back. Things look familiar until they don't. "Think I should have turned at last set of lights." I go around and around a roundabout. Deb says "You going back way we came." Ok out comes her phone and Google maps. We come to a big set of lights and phone saying turn left. (Luckily no cars behind as I'm straddling the white line ) " But that sign says to Melbourne. There is an arrow on a sign saying left to Albury."  Phone says turn left....what to do. Lights change, "I'm going right, it says Albury." We are laughing so hard...."I don't want to go to Melbourne." As this is not the first time we have been "Sightseeing" ( Never lost ) and heading to Melbourne. The picnic area we were at comes into view. "See we are heading in right direction." Was sooooo funny. And yes made it back to camp.

Today on the move again. We stop at Chiltern - what a beautiful small town, old buildings. On the bollards are croquet red and white covers. Also red and white streamers plus balloons - Go The Swannies...the town is a big fan. Then we go through Wangaratta, which is busy and to our camp for the night at Glenrowan. Fabulous small caravan park along a bush road, wasn't sure where we'd end up. Ron lights a fire, with help from Fire Lighters that Deb had. (She's bought them when bought the camper -- 12 years ago ) Happy hour went till 6.45, normally it's 6.00 as very cold.

Woke up to beautiful sun, hill behind so green. Hooked up and into Glenrowan. Photo taken with Ned Kelly....naturally. A lot of council work going on plus a HUGE Info Centre being built. Will be worth coming back to see finished. Deb finds a great bakery for morning tea..YUMMY. Then onto Benalla where we set up, have lunch then into town.

There is a  HUGE mozaic sculpture near the river. Reminds us of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It's great. We find some street art, shop then back to camp. The camp kitchen is big and well set up. We have Happy Hour in there then cook tea together. It rains through the night - Bugger.

It's Bacon and Eggs together in camp kitchen, delicious. Drive to town where drizzling, not good walking weather. Art Gallery it is, can stay dry. The art is not my "Cup of Tea" but does have a coffee shop. When leave still drizzle so short drive around the homes then back to camp where we congregate into camp kitchen. Later that arvo Deb brings out a pack of cards. It is suitable for 8 years and up. Boy did we have trouble trying to work out how to play it. But there was sure plenty of laughter. That night we cooked hamburgers on the BBQ and all of us bought something towards the salad. Plus Ron bought a Cheese cake. Another YUMMY meal. That night had a storm with thunder and lightening....I could hear Deb saying...NO...I don't want to pack up in the rain.

Well Deb had her wish. No rain and clearing. Now off to see our first of many silo's. First stop Goorambat. We were greeted with a briliant Falcon on the side of a shed. Then noticed this fabulous sign...."Never argue with a fool - Onlookers may have trouble telling the difference " Silo art is of Clydesdale's and Barking Owl. We had been told to not miss going into the Methodist Church --  "Sophia" --  the female personification of the Holy Spirit. Next Devenish which feel like a ghost town. Silo is a military theme. The Canola was out in it's brilliant WOW yellow. St. James has a memorial to George Coles-- he is the man who started the Coles Group of retail shops. Tungamah is a thriving small town. The silo depict iconic Australia bird life - dancing Brolgas, Kookaburra, Galah, Kingfisher, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Wrens and Ibis. We talked to a couple who were in their garden. They said great food at the local store. Our mouths are watering, I'm thinking hamburger, Deb steak sandwich. Bugger they are doing lunches for the local school kids. Will be atleast a 1/2 hour wait. So onto free camp which is beside the river where we have dull sandwiches etc. The free camp is a large area, has toilets and hot showers. Really looks good. We were going to stay there but as it is so cold in the night and mornings we decided to book into Shepparton Caravan Park. After lunch onto Dookie and once again the Canola is WOW. One side of the road green fields, the other yellow canola. Dookie has a great painted cow and the recreation playground is fabulous for all the kids. When we arrive at the caravan park to book in just overcast. While inside the office it just buckets down. Deb -- " NO -- I'll have to set up in the rain."  Well you wouldn't beleive it but by the time the last one paid, rain gone and sun out. I say "See told you it was a sun shower " It did drizzle again, so Ron put his awning out so we could have happy hour. Was a short one due to it being so cold.

Next morning sun is out. To Info Centre then onto "Cow Park."  Heaps of cows all brightly coloured. Back to camp for coffee as it becomes cloudy and cold plus drizzle. We haven't had Chinese a check of Google and we are then off to King City Chinese Restaurant. Could do the buffet meal but we choose to pick off the main menu. Good choice to as the meal is soooo good. With full bellies we head for the Museum of Vehicle Evolution. Sun is shining brightly. Huge collection of cars, bikes, trucks, coaches plus radio, television and fashion. Really interesting collection. As we walking around I say to Pam, "Think that is rain on the roof." Just as we about to go.....down it comes. We find a comfy chair and wait. One of the guides comes and starts a couple of the old jaguars. He talks to us about the collection, he loves his job. After about 1/2 hour it eases, we walk outside and the sun is out but black clouds are hanging around. Back at camp Ron invites us into his van for Happy Hour. Great as very cold.

We say good bye to Shepparton, glad to be leaving, town too big and we always came back to camp a different way as couldn't get our bearings. 20 kms on the highway then back on to country roads. Green fields and Canola...WOW... Overcast with nuisance showers as we pull up in front of the water tower at Tatura. We take photos through the windscreen then drive to a picnic area we passed. Toilets and large shelter, all the comforts we need. On finishing our coffee the sun is out so back to water tower and we get out of our cars and walk around. The art is of a Anzac Theme. Poppies and a soldier. Quick drive through town, seems nice. On the way to Kyabram Deb comes on two-way..."Emu's on your right" Not sure how many but great to see. Kyabram is another lovely town. Where the water tankis  they have a covered picnic area plus character figures. The Major Mitchell on the side of the tank is brilliant. So much detail and colour, think this is my favourite. As we drive to Rochester we see paddocks with heaps and heaps...I do mean heaps of camels. Also sheep, cows, horses, Llama's or Alpaca. Gee I love this country. Pull up at the silo's at Rochester, admiring the front of them and then walk to the other side where down it comes...where did that come from...We run ( yes run) to our cars where we head to the caravan park to set up for the night. The rain stops then starts again as we drive to our sites. Rob and Pam good and comfy in their motor home. Deb and Col wait in the car. Ron has trouble manoeuvering around a large mound of dirt but finally on site. I'm drenched from the silo so out I go and set up. Next grab my shower kit plus dry cloths, has stopped raining, and go for a shower. Boy it's an ensuite...shower, toilet and hand basin in it's own litte room. Huge shower and great flow plus ever. Sun is still out. Happy hour in the Camp Kitchen. It's large with a full kitchen including oven. Looks like it came out of someone's home. We sitting around having happy hour. Deb says to Pam " Well done Pam, when it's been raining it stops so as I can set up or pack up. But today it PISSED down. All I've wanted on this trip is to be not raining when setting up or packing up. You promised me." We all laugh, have been lucky up to today.  Well guess what the sun's gone again and it's raining. Ron says "Anyone want a game of Hook and Ring Toss Board Game." Why not....Deb throws first - 36 points. Pam - 19. Col - 46 in the lead. Rob - 28. Ron - 40 and Bev a dismal - 21. Ok again...I can feel that this is a competition now. We all want to better our own score plus beat our "Friend" We have a few more rounds with heaps of laughter as hitting the board after a couple drinks is getting harder. Was a great afternoon. So much fun.

Once again rained throught the night but in the morning sunny. Pam says to Deb "Just for you Deb." Lol.. Rochester is a small town with beautiful buildings. The pub on the corner has so much character. Wooden sculptures around town too. Down a lane is Ron Iddles story in pictures. He was a twin and from the age of 8 wanted to be a detective, just like on Homicide.  We go back to have a decent look at the silo's again. They depict a Wrist-Winged Squirrel Glider and a Azure King Fisher, both threatened species. It's beautiful in the sunlight. The drive to Colbinabbin is beautiful and guessed it...WOW. As the silo's come into view it's, it's....WOW...WOW...Best yet. There is 5 silo's and in front a huge hard dirt area to view them. This is now my favourite. The colour so brilliant. There is silo of a Steam Train, Train Station, People at a Picnic, Old Fire Truck and Car Race. There is also boards with the history of the town. Fabulous town.

Next stop for a couple of nights is Bendigo. After settling into the park we go out to "The Stupa" - a Buddist Temple. Don't know what we expected but this wasn't it. It's HUGE. Reminds me of a cruiseship. First off we go for a walk along the garden path and see statues, then into the Temple. So much colour and more statues, has a serene feel, hard to describe.....Amazing. The weather that night is mild and we actually have happy hour sitting comfortably outside. Another thing about Victoria is it does not get dark till later...still light at 6.30 pm.

The sun's out again, great. Drove to Inf Centre where a lovely informative man told us places to see. He suggest drive to Central Deborah Gold Mine where there is free parking. You can board the tram which is a jump on / jump off system. It's a great way to see the city. The old buildings are fabulous. We go full lenght then come back and get off in the city. Now Pam told us that The Bridgwater Cafe won the Best Vanilla Slice Competition. Naturally we had to try them. We were not dissappointed. Then a walk to Rosalind Park and some side streets. Back onto the tram where they do a great and informative commentary. Is a nice city, easy to get around. On the way back to camp call into Bendigo Pottery. None of us are impressed too much. But Deb has the best sausage roll from the cafe. Another night spent outside. Could definately spend more time exploring Bendigo.

Another sunny day for packing up. As we driving along the country road, I'm leading, Deb comes on CB "Looks black to the north." Sure enough starts to drizzle then heavier and heavier. We arrive at St Arnaud's, still raining. Great park but has no shelter shed as we were going to have morning tea. We see coffee shop across the road, Good Idea. When we leave the coffee shop it has stopped raining. We go and see the Silo. Is titled "Hope." It's a miner panning for gold and hoping to be able to buy food and clothing for his family. The street art is varied.  Murals of sheep shearer, mates, boxing legends and residents. All in a charcoal colour, different. Take a drive  through town which is larger than I though and has character. Rupanyup has Silo art and chainsaw carvings. The silo is of 2 local young sportpersons. Our stop for the night is a small caravan park, 20 sites at Murtoa. It's right on a lake, beautiful. Peaceful barr the frogs croaking through the night.

A couple of us take a short walk to the jetty then back to pack up and stop at the Stick Shed. Was built in 1941 to store the surplus wheat grain. Took 4 to 5 months to build, would not happen today, not with OH & S and the Greenies. It was huge with poles in line, both ways, holding up the roof. When leaving a man with a camera stopped us. There was a coffe van there.  "We are filming for Best Business award for the Cafe section. Would you mind us filming you buying a coffee ?" Then he said you may have the coffee for free. Well Deb jumped right in "I'll do it. " Ron was the other star. 

Then to Sheep Hills with a brillant painting of Indigenous people. Next stop Brim, the mural  was the first Silo artwork to appear in Victoria. It depicts multi - generational quartet of female and male farmers. In Brim we find a park with a rotunda for lunch. The town is silent, was a public holiday but don't think it would be different any other day. There is a Memorial Hall next to the park with the door open. Ron goes in for a look and comes out "You have to have a look at this." Was a doll museum. All the walls had a glass cabinet filled with dolls of every era and Teddy Bears too. Also old photo's of the town dating back to 1900's. There was nobody there just a book to sign and a donation box. Would have liked to know about the collection.

Beulah "Caravan Park" has 10 powered sites. We had booked 4 days before and was to call into the Post Office to get the code for the amenities. It is a public holiday and is closed. Another small town. Not sure what sites are ours, they look like suppose to put two on a site. Would be cramped. Finally after talking to another camper we pick our sites. We are all happy and enjoy sitting on the bank of the local creek. Peaceful. It's warmer here to. 

Frogs noisy during the night, Deb reckons they are following her. I take a short walk along the river. There is a great area for unpowered sites. Has a HUGE camp kitchen with power and a fireplace. After packing up we drive into town to see the street art of horses and the Round Hospital which was built in 1954. Rosebery Silo art is of a young female farmer and the other the close connection between the farmer and his horse.

At Hopetoun there is an IGA. Great can replenish supplies. Walk in and the place is packed. Where did they all come from ? Finally served, actually wasn't too slow and head to  Lake Lascelles for morning tea. It is huge and a great free camp. Caravans all around the lake. Has toilets and hot showers plus camp ktchen.....very nice. Then onto Woomelang where there is small portable silo's. Some good some so, so. It's near a small lake that we walk around, it has small pictures made of corregated iron, mainly about farming.

Our stop for tonight is Lascelles, has general store which now sells nick nacks and a pub. Camp ground is just a block of land but does have power plus toilet and shower and only $10.00. I didn't ask for single rate. Also the pub is across the road. Great spot. The silo is walking distance and is of a local farming couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, part of a family that has lived and farmed in the area for four generations. I then go to the pub to see if open for dinner. I walk up the veranda when a guy comes out the door. "Hi, just seeing if you open, are you the new owner ?" I had noticed the sign --  Under New Management. "Yes, but not open to the public as carn't get staff." When I said we were looking for a meal he said " I have people staying and have to cook for them so can do Corn Beef with mashed potato and veggys for you too.  Come in around 6.00 o'clock for tea but come around the back." Great Deb and Col, Ron and myself head over at 5.00 for a drink first. As we enter the beer garden 8 people turn and look at us. "Hi, how are you all. Can we get a drink please ?"  The husband and wife discuss who is going inside to serve us. Finally the wife gets up and says "Follow me." We order our drinks and she takes ages to work out how much. I'm thinking -- wondering how long they have had the pub ? There is a little foxy dog wondering around, next thing she sits on my shoes. One of the locals says she always does that and her name is Lily. We laugh and pat her, cute. We sit at a table enjoying draft beer ( no not Tooheys, but ok ) chatting. The owner comes out and asks what time we want tea....around 6.30 will be fine.  Anyway getting later when he comes out and " Tea will be another 20 minutes as I didn't notice the gas had gone out on the spuds. " We are starting to wonder if we will ever get our meal, luckily we have not paid yet. Finally at 7.15 pm  he brings them out -- Mashed potato, peas, corn, carrot, purple cabbage and delicious silverside with white mustard sauce. Well worth the wait and only $18.00.

Next morning the drive to Patchewollock has us on a narrow road but so green. The silo is of a rugged, lanky local Nick "Noodle" Hulland  who exemplified the no-nonsense, hard working spirit of the Wimmera Mallee. There is also large figures of Mallee Fowls made of corrugated iron, funny. We all go into the local store, I buy a couple of souvenir's and Deb a loaf of bread. Ron then asks for loaf bread too, the yound lady says  "Sorry, just sold the last one." We all laugh and think  "Karma."  Then onto Lake Tyrell -- Pink Lake -- Large parking area and look out area. Definately for tourists. You can see a slight ting of pink on the lake. We then settle into the caravan park at Sea Lake. After lunch drive to the silo. Wow, spectacular. It's of a young girl swinging from a Mallee Eucalyptus overlooking Lake Tyrell and reflects on her Indigenous heritage. The purples and blues are brilliant. We drive into town to the Information Centre. The lady is very informative. They sell ice cream there and must say absolutely delicious. Eat it outside where there is street art and realize our park is just behind us. Shouldn't get lost ( mean exploring ) going home. That night had a great sun set.

Waking up in the morning and only 4 degrees...bbbbrrrrrrrr. Was a slow start. Our last silo for the trip is Nullawil and what a beauty. It is of a farmer but it's the texture of the flannelette shirt that is the main focus. Beside him is a soft-coated black and tan Kelpie looking content beside his master. There is also some iron sculpures which are cartoon like. Kerang caravan park has grassy sites and it's sunny and warm. We take a drive around town, normal country town, neat and tidy. Supplies are replenished at Woolies. We buy BBQ chicken and salad to share for tea.That night we all eat together in the camp kitchen. 

Bugger after days of sun we wake up to rain. Deb is not impressed, actually none of us are packing up. As we come into Echuca, Rob and Pam  leading followed by Deb and Col, Bev then Ron, it is getting busy, cars, roundabouts and lights. We keep in contact on CB's.  I turn into the road to take to caravan park and no Ron. I'm on CB - missed a turn and he is lost !!!!! Then carn't get him on CB....must be far away. Deb rings him with the address....Ron is not one for using his GPS as hasn't worked it out. I wait while the others go to the park and book in. Finally a crackle on the CB then "I can see you." Good we all together again. This is going in the report. Echuca is famous for it's "PIES" so naturally we had to try one. They were ok but all agree Holbrook Bakery was better. A walk along the river where the water is definately high. The large paddlewheelers arn't running due to when they turn they run into the bank and bounce off.....the banks are under water. Small paddle wheellers are running so Deb, Col, Ron and myself book for tomorrow. Back at camp I do some washing $4 and put in dryer $4....that's ok but when I take cloths out still very damp.....$8 to dry cloths...expensive. 

In the morning the 4 of us head to the wharf. Deb has put Col's disable sticker in my car. Great to have parking so close to where we want to go. Thanks Col. It's overcast with some sun peeking through. Up the top at front of boat we go. Deb is excited as has never been on one before. Off we go, the river is very high. Picnic area's on the Moama side are under water. It starts to spit. No just hang off for an hour. Well it didn't, gets heavier. We move along to the side and then into a small room ( this would have been where the captain could take a nap and check the map when on long trips.) The rain didn't dampen our trip, was great and we went 5.5 kms in the hour. When finished still drizzling so have a look at the museum then it's time for a coffee. Echuca too busy what about the Woolies complex. We carn't see a coffee shop, bugger. I ask a lady walking past and she says "Olive Tree is good."  It sure was and now our bellies are full we head to the Holden Museum, still raining. Least we will be dry in there. Great old cars and bought back so many memories. WHAT -- the sun is out. Fabulous. Our last stop is the Information Centre. We see brochures on Picola and Tongala, they look so interesting. We have a look at the map and tomorrow we could do a short detour to see them. NSW is so close so we take a drive over the old bridge, we all cheer when back in NSW. Then over the new bridge and back to camp. 

Sun is still shining in the morning when packing up. The strap on Deb's camper trailer snaps. Ok make a few phone calls then trip to Bunnings for new strap. Deb has rung her son who said tye a knot in will hold. This she does then we are on the road again. First stop Tongala. Street art every where, we start walking, go into a small alley where there is a Street Art Studio. Funny sign posts and animals. A lady, Teena, starts taking to us and asks "Would you like a tour. I'm one of the artists." Yes please. Her and 2 others have done most of the art work. They wanted to brighten the town and bring in the tourists. Teena gave us the background of the paintings. Also there is a "Dunnie" in most of them, can you see it ? There was murals of Transport, Swaggies, Native Animals, Fairyland, War Memories and heaps more. Funny and entertaining. Ron and Rob also had a comic charactour done for them. We gave her a donation and also had lunch at the local bakery - of course. What a great find this little town was. Picola is next where the water tower has a colourful Rozella  -- another favourite. Also on it an Eastern Great Egret, Kangaroos and Brumbies. Once again the detail is spectacular. Then into Findlay just after 4.00pm. Been a big day. We booked into the caravan park a couple days ago and was surprised when the lady said "We are very busy and have limited sites." Deb shows her phone to prove we rang and booked in. She can put 2 on one site. Rob and Pam, Deb and Col fit in. Just as well they are large site. I'm told to drive through the paddock. I get out for a look, there is a ditch with water in it. "Are you sure ?" Lady says "Yes you will be right." OK here goes, was bit sloppy but did it. Ron next, he slips some but gets to the site ok. Happy hour in the camp kitchen but the BBQ and kitchen part we thought best not using. Could have done with a good clean. The amenities were fabulous though. Was a brillant red / orange sun set that night.

Next day stopped at Urana for morning tea. Great park on the river. Pretty. A water tank had a figure of a huge spider on the side. There were also tin sheep, a farmer and a very much life like horse. Then to Coolamon for the night. Great park, small only 30 sites all grass. Amenities great. Is warming up, finally. Happy hour outside, then a walk to town for Fish and Chips for tea. Next morning it's jeans and a t-shirt, gorgeous day. A communal Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, but Deb is not happy. Seems she put her jug on at 6.30 am this morning for a cuppa and the switch blew. Deb flicked it back rang her electrician son. He had her checking things and discovered had blown the parks switch to her camper van. Robert says "Mum it's the jug, you need a new one." So Deb and Col walk to IGA and told "Sorry we don't have any left." Deb tells us a great time to shop as no one was around at that time of morning. Anyway Deb finally had her cup of coffee and is feeling a bit better. Bacon and Eggs were delicious. 

After breakfast we pack up and park in a side street. We go into the old merchant Up - To - Date - Store. They are having a doll fair, big collection. The lady who owns the collection was lovely and interesting to talk to. Then a visit to Chris and the Fire Station. Chris has collected so much memorbillia that he is adding another room.  A walk up and down the street then in to our vans and onto Temora Showground for 2 nights. We go for a walk around the town. Nice old buildings then drive around the suburbs. At Happy Hour that night a fire is mentioned. Next thing Ron and Rob in the car, off to the garage for wood. With the help of fire lighters  we have a good blaze. Bev had bought marshmellows just for an occassion like this. We all go and have tea then back to the fire. Marshmellows come out. Ron asks "Where are the twigs I had for cooking the marshmellows."Ooppps...Deb had put them on the fire to get it going again. Oh well, forks worked well and they were delicious.

It's raining, windy and cold AGAIN. Our leaders Rob and Pam say there good byes, and 4 of us now. Rain does ease off and we head to the Rural Museum. It is a large display with it being in sections. Really interesting. For lunch we are treating ourselves to a Chinese Meal at Hong Kong Chinese Restuarant. The Honey Prawns had so much flavour and the Combination Chilli had just the right amount of heat. On way home call into Woolies for a jug for Deb...yes they had one. Sun is coming out and the wind is gone, thank goodness. The fire is lite, and we all agree the wood is to green to burn large pieces. It is chopped into small pieces and burns ok. Marshmellows again that night. 

Each morning we are woken up to horses trotting past our vans, nice sounds. Bev was volunteered to be the leader today. We go via small towns. Barmedin is first, such a pretty drive and very little traffic. Bribbaree next. As driving sign comes up "Water Over Road." I slow up, most of the time the water has dried up. NO not this time. I stop as in front of me is this pothole. Wider than the van and nearly a foot deep. There is no way around it. I go through slowly and rest follow. Boy what a pothole. This was probably the worst section of road we travelled on. Actually the roads have been good. Just a few times potholes have been a nuisance. Stop at Young for lunch. Deb and Col finally have there Steak Sandwich and Ron and myself a Hamburger. Yummy. The drive to Cowra is on a major road, very busy. Before getting there we want a toot break. I say over CB "Rest stop in 2 kms." I'm looking for turn in, I go around a sweeping corner - there is arrows on the road as a street to the left. Then I finally see it - on CB explaining to Deb and Ron as bit tricky. Deb pulls in, then here comes he's turned down the street. Deb on CB and finally Ron pulls into toot stop, we At Cowra we go to Information Centre so Deb can buy a jar of Onion Chilli Jam.....well not 1 but 4. 

It is 4 degrees in the morning...bbrrrr. Our last day together. On the way to Bathurst we call into Carcoar, quaint little town. We visit the Court House and Toy Museum which brought back a lot of good memories. Have morning tea in Kurt Fernley park, our last together. Boy the time has gone quick. We still have one thing to see. Abercombie House at Bathurst. After setting up at the showground we pile into my car. Deb is guiding by her phone when she receives a call. I'm suppose to go straight ahead but am in a turn lane, So left we go into back streets There are some really nice olds homes and as we reach the summit of a hill the view is magnificent over the valley.  Deb now off her phone and we on right track again, but so glad we went exploring. As we drive up the driveway this beautiful stone building comes into view. WOW WOW Inside is high and I do mean high ceilings, heaps of staircases, would be a great place to play hide and seek. There is ancient ornaments with hot wheels cars displayed as well. This scruffy looking gentleman comes and talks to us. He's Christopher, the owner. He's roughly late 50's. He lives here with his family. Loves opening his home to the public to see and hopes the younger generation will appreciate it. . We take a walk around the gardens where other smaller buildings are. They also do B & B Stays. It truely is a magnificent property. On the way home we stop for a Macca's Ice Cream. That night for Happy Hour we reminisce about our trip. So many new places we have seen. The Silo's were absolutely brilliant. The yellow and green of the landscape....well there is only one word to describe that...WOW

In the morning we pack up and say our good byes, has been a fabulous trip. Pam and Rob put so much work into it and it ran smoothly. Thanks

Report By Bev

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