Gloucester Trip  November  2023

      Tuesday sees 6 vans and 2 members staying in the cabins arrive.  11 in all. We all set up then join together for coffee and a chat followed by Happy Hour. Discussion comes about what to have for tea. Lorraine says "I'm on holidays - not cooking." So 7 head to the Bowling Club for tea while the other 4 have an easy tea.


  In the morning we walk up to the town and find ourselvees at the Bakery for morning tea....naturally. Then a walk of the street. There is a large IGA, Woolworths ( that wasn't there last time I was up here, was 20 years ago.) Couple Op shops that we check out and a huge store called Nanna's. Has everything you could think of to sell and a cafe at the back. Called into the National Parks office and the Info Centre, where we came away with brochures and heaps of interesting places to visit. That arvo we relaxed except for Mick, Ron and Ivan. I'd mentioned my awning was starting to come away at the top. "I have just the tape." says Mick. "I have a tall ladder." says Ron. "I can help too." says Ivan. Now my inch and a half tear is fixed. Thanks fella's. Friends of Marcella and Ian, Neil and Nicki,  have arrived and joined us. The camp kitchen here is small with little equipment, not like Canberra. But you get what you pay for. But there is a large BBQ and shelter area, so we head over there to cook tea together. Also to join us is 2 Moniter Lizards, hoping for a feed.

      We pack picnic lunch and car pool next day and drive to Barrington, not a big town. Just out of town is a picnic table overlooking the river. Beautiful spot for morning tea. Then to Copeland Tops State Forest where there is a Gold mine. Has very tall trees. The Gold Mine is tour only and the walks were long, so decided to continue on our drive around Bucca Bucca mountain. The lady in the Info Centre had said we were lucky to be visiting now as a month ago everywhere was brown. 2 weeks ago they had 50ml rain and everything is green again. The countryside didn't disappoint, green crops (not sure what - wish they would put the name of the crop on the fence ) and neat farm houses. Plenty of cattle to and the couple of creek crossings were so peaceful looking. Back into Gloucester and only 11.30 am. I suggest having lunch in the park near us then Ian suggest Thunderbolt Lookout has picnic area and not far. We end up on Walcha road and drive and drive etc. Up and down windy roads. I'm thinking we will end up in Walcha soon ( 137 km from camp ). Mick sees rest area and pulls up. Down below we see vans and a river. What a great camp spot, we have lunch then we go seperate back to  camp. On way back Marcia suggest an ice cream, into IGA and  a couple of boxes later we are sitting at the park near us eating them. Yum. Then SPRUNG....Ian and Marcella drive by. 

       Through the night thunder and lightning and wake to drizzling rain. Not going to Barrington National Park today now. 6 decided to go to Wingham to have a look while rest stay at camp. Wingham is large place with Op shops and a Antique Shop that has an old Ice Chest for $395.....tell him he's dreaming. Ron knows of a good bakery but when they find it, it's closed. Toasted sandwiches at another cafe for lunch. Sue and I stayed behind so we could crank up our computers and have the Web Site up to date. I do minutes and e-mail out. Sue is able to open the Web Page and updates the trip list. Looks good, full calendar. That evening a caravannenr who is setting up comes over and asks how good is the TV reception. Trev says "Have none. " Nicki says "Mine is good , have a look at the atenna." He does and comes back "It's still down." This we all find so funny, we are in stitches. We are watching heaps of vans come in. There is a Little Athletics Zone comp on over the week end next door to us. Could be a noisy night. Was a great Happy Hour and went late. PS The other campers weren't noisy.

      Next day sun is shining and we say bye to Ian and Marcella and Neil and Nicki. Neil and Nicki liked us so much they have joined. Welcome new members. After lunch some of us go for a walk along the river - nice but very low. Carn't get over the large parks around and so neat and tidy. Plus gym equipment. There is a great kids park too and it guessed it....a Flying Fox. Naturally Trev and I hop on, wasn't easy as the seat is very high....BUT we did it. Fun. A girl about 12 watches and smiles at us. I say " You get older but still stay young at heart."

      Sunday sunny again and Bacon and Eggs at the BBQ for brekky. While 3 stay at camp the reamining 6 head to Barrington National Park with picnic lunch. 1st stop Cobark Park Lookout. Sign said 200 metres but seemed longer. Good view. Onto Thunderbolt's Lookout. No wonder we couldn't find this the other day, we were on wrong road. We are now on a gravel road but not too bad, my car and Mick's doing well. Devil's Hole next stop and morning tea. Magnificent views. Polblue next where there is a 3km walk through wetlands. We can see the boardwalk and is flat but decide not to do it as can see what it looks like from here. Have lunch and decide to head back and call into Honeysuckle. What a find. A 1km loop through an Antartic Beech Forest. Trees so tall and the ferns magnificent. Was cool in there and moss growing too. Soooo enjoyable.

      Our last day we go to the pub for lunch. Good food then a final walk through town. Next morning we pack up and say bye. Was a great trip, although the caravan park was old it was very relaxing and will organize another trip next year.

Report By Bev