Who we are.

A group of like minded people who like to travel far and wide in our vehicles who decided to start a club.

Our Aim.

To have fun, enjoy ourselves exploring our great Country in the company of like minded people. We stay in caravan parks, showgrounds or free camping when we can.

We take photos and only leave footprints.

Are we Registered?

Yes, we are registered with the NSW Association of Caravan Clubs Inc. We have a comittee made up of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Tour Director. We have an AGM in July and report to Fair Trading each year as required by law.

Same positions is for a maximum of 2 years.      You can then nominated for a different position.     Partners are able to hold a position in same term.               



Rules and Regulations.

Yes there are some. We follow the model constitution as set down by Fair Trading and a copy is available if required.

Rules for going on trips.

If going on a club trip it is up to the individual member to contact the caravan park and confirm your own arrangements. This is not the responsibility of the club.

If travelling with a pet, please advise the park.

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