Victorian High Country


    Sue and Trev, Gary, Barb and myself meet at Gunning Showground on Wednesday 1st March ready for our adventure to new and amazing area's. In the morning Barb goes to start her car....No go. Finally it starts. Barb has borrowed a CB - doesn't know how to change to channel 18. " No I didn't bring the book."  she says.  Trev has a look and works it out. Now on our way. Hello Gary's Hazard Lights are on. We stop just before entering the motorway. Guess what he doesn't kmow how to turn them off. Trev to the rescue. Fingers crossed no more problems. They were just teething problems.

       Tumit our first stop. We are camping 9 km out of town at Jones Bridge. Right on the Tumit River with grass and the Serenity. Aahh. Places of interest are The Broom Factory, Rotary Look Out where we see a church. Let's find it, we go searching and find it. It's a beautiful stone church. We also visit Adelong and see an old gold mine and waterfall. Nice town, bigger than we thought. We see a sculpture of a rabbit across the river but were unable to drive to it. Still don't know what it was about. Blowering Dam has a huge stone wall but due to road damage unable to go on it. On our way home called into Mac's for an Ice Cream. Only one car in car park...strange. Walk up to counter...."5 Ice Creams please." Girl says "Don't have any."  We are speachless.

    The lady at the visitors information centre informs us the road to Corryong is not suitable for caravans.  Bugger. Also the weather at Thredbo is 0 - 8 degrees plus windy and possible snow. Bugger, Bugger. This is the area we really wanted to see. Back to camp. Trev has been busy. He has changed my 7 point pin on Pocket Rocket. Also unblocked Gary's waste outlet. Then he goes for a dip in the Tumut River. Refreshing. At the back of my van is a large hole. I put a bucket in it so we don't go down it. Sue has strung a line between her van and fence to hang washing. Well a cow in the paddock behind decideds she likes Trev's hanky and Sue's undies. Funny. Happy Hour is so enjoyable looking at the Tumit River flowing by.

      After studing the map we decide to drive the road to Corryong. We leave our "Piece of Paradise". Call into Talbingo for morning tea and there is a playground with a Flying Fox. Goody, was fun. Then about 8 km of hilly, winding road. When we reach the topthe  road widens and it's a fantastic country drive.Turn off onto 1 km of dirt road to Denison Campground. It is a huge area and grassy with views overlooking Lake Eucumbene River plus kangaroos. Once settled Trev notices that his van "Friday" has a bubble on the inside of the tyre. !!!!!! Needless to say he is not happy. Was not easy changing it but they got it done.

      Next day onto Adaminaby, small sleepy town with "Big Trout." Had a walk around town and found a lovely church with the door opened.  After morning tea the wind started to pick up, but was another great country drive. Arriving at Jindabyne and the wind has really  picked up. We meet up with Louise at the park. We are hoping to walk to The Summit tomorrow, hope the weather improves. Visit Info Centre and see weather forcast. Thursday is looking best day to climb Summit.

      Was extremely windy through the night. We decide no walk today. We help Louise pull down her pumped up annex then drive to Threadbo. There is cars, Mountain Bikes and kids everywhere. No where to park so decide to drive part way to Khancoban. The lady once again said this road is not suitable for caravans. It is windy and steep but has short flat spots too. It is wide enough and has a rail. We are all confident enough to drive it, just take it slow and will stop at the bottom to cool the brakes. Call into Tom Groggen camp area. Looks good will stay a night here. Called into Crackenback Resort which had interesting sculptures. Back at camp my electric brakes on the van aren't registering. Once again Terrific Trev to the rescue. Wednesday is extremely windy and we have Bacon and Eggs for breakfast in the camp kitchen. Then we take a drive to Dalgetty a sleepy litte town. But bikes everywhere and "men in lycra." They are doing the Zoo to Zoo Charity Bike Ride. Melbourne to Canberra then Dubbo Zoo. Good luck men. Dalgetty has a great caravan park right on the river too. Next Perisher for a look then Charlottes Pass. There is mist in the distance then spots on the window. Became that you could only see a short distance. We arrived but didn't get out of the car at either place. 

      Thursday - Summit Walk Day - Sunny 12 degrees and wind has dropped. Drive to Threadbo and find parking space about 10 minutes away. Mountain bikes and kids everywhere, again. There is a Inter School Competition on. Kids from Heathcote, Bega, Cooma plus local schools. There is wind and temperature 4 degrees. Jackets on. Sue, Trev, Gary, Louise and myself get on the Chair Lift. Barb not doing the walk. The view is fantastic. Up the top the wind is blowing harder. We start walking - wind blowing in our faces, eyes watering, nose running and have to look where we stepping. Also heaps of school kids passing us then they stop and we pass them. Such hard going. We can only look around when we stop. Not pleasant. We arrive at the look out about 2,000 metres up. So many people and wind is getting stronger. Is a fabulous view, rocks are smooth and it is very dry. Sue, Trev and myself decide to go back, it just isn't pleasent or enjoyable. Gary and Louise decide to go on. Wind is now pushing us but we can look around when walking and the small waterways and vegetation is fantastic. We meet up with Barb at Threadbo then take Gondala to another part of the mountain. Guess wind. We sit in the sun and watch the bikes go by. Relaxing. There is so many mountain bike tracks of all difficulties. Back to Threadbo for coffee and hot chips. I say to Trev "No use we all waiting around for Louise and Gary. You go as need fuel and Woolies." As they drive off  Sue rings me to say Louise is coming. Falls into my car, "I'm buggered but glad I did it . She and Gary reached the Summit. He was a fair way behind her coming down. We wait then I ring him to say will park near the Chair Lift. We wait then here he is.....He looks had it.  "Never doing that again" he says. No didn't enjoy it but ask me in a week, maybe different. Later Gary tells us that at the Sumit he had a phone call from a Real Estate Agent  saying they could get a great price for his house.....

      Leave Jindabyne and off on Alpine Way to Geehi National Park ( Tom Groggan camp fully booked out ). Road is steep and windy, we take our time and call into Leather Back Rest area for morning tea and cool the brakes. Then onto our camp site which is flat, huge and near a river. Happy hour is early and we have a fire with Jaffles for tea. We have decided to stay a couple of nights as such a great spot. Next day easy and when domestics done we play Aussie Trivia and Rummy O. That night marshmellows over open fire. Following day a walk around the large camping ground. Heaps of tent and vans in. Find Geehi Hut, a cottage made of stone. Very large inside. The river is wide in spots and beautiful. This has been a lovely spot to stay. Really enjoyed it.

      No rush in the morning as only 38 km to Khancoban. Wonder what the road will be like ? It was narrow but not steep. Khancoban is busy and push bikes and men in lycra everywhere. Has a General Store and Cafe plus Post Office and couple novelity shops. In the town square there is a man playing guitar and singing.  Onto Towong for lunch and ask a local about the free camp where we want to stay. She says due to the floods recently the bridge was washed away and unable to get there. OK on to Corryong then. Gary says that his Motorhome is Saturday. What we say. Well I'm following Friday. ( Sue and Trev have christened their van Friday and have a sticker on the back) Well I say therefore Louise is Sunday..Barb Monday and I'm Tuesday. We all love the names. 

      Corryong we camp near the Golf Club. It is a concrete netball court no longer used. We walk up to town and the Info Centre. Then a walk up and down the street. There are murals and sculptures We visit the Man From Snowy Museum which is good. Then down to a Tram and Men's Shed. We see a church in the distance, again. Let's find it. We did. Sue would like an Ice too we all say. But unfortunally the cafes were shut. No Ice Cream. The bakery in town was bought by the community in 2015. They employ young people to get training in hospitality etc. Corryong is a fabulous RV town. Has dump point, garbage bins and you can fill up your water tank all in one spot. We decide to move to Lighthouse Crossing to camp, about 4 km from town. Good choice as grass and beside the Murray River.   Our day outings included a fabulous day drive  along the Upper Murray. Great look outs, fantastic camping spots along the river too. Very peaceful.

    Next day onto Tallangatta and we are staying at the showground. Clean toilets and hot showers plus power and we can see the Hume Lake. After setting up Sue, Louise and myself decide to walk to town. Carn't be that far. Was a very warm day and we were starting to feel the heat. Finally we find the town and Informatiom Centre. Only it's help yourself brochures. as we walk the street Sue spots a craft shop and inside an Information Centre. The friendly lady is so informative and we leave with plenty of places to see. Next morning with morning tea and lunch we drive to the look out then onto 7 km of dirt, bit rough in spots and the wind is picking up. Bethanga look out great views then onto Bellbridge with very posh homes but a great foreshore for picnics. The Hume Dam our last stop, water level same as when there in September. Ice Cream was Delicious.Next day to Eskdale where it is steep in parts. It's small town but RV Friendly. Then onto Mitta Mitta. Bustling with cars, bikes and people. Great river frontage. Sue and I find the kids park and yes we tried the equipment. On the way to Lake Dartmouth we pull into the pub. Would love a hamburger. Hardly any one there and the prices.....We decide our picnic lunch will do. Up to the dam and great views again. We drive home a different road, not windy and great scenery. Back at camp its 36 degrees and HOT. Hard to sleep that night.

      Next morning we pack up and onto Bonegilla Migrant Camp. I have been before but still very interesting to see. So many migrants came out for a better life. That night we camped at Ludlow's Reserve right on the Hume Dam. Had toilets and garbage There was a lot of vans in. Happy hour was at Louise's where she had the best spot overlooking the water.

    Yackandandah - Hurrah finally get to see it. The town is heritaged listed, quaint shops and quirky too plus lots of people. Naturally find the bakery and the pies are ok. For the night we camp few klms out of town at Allan's Flat. We are on grassy area and looking down into a huge amount of water. Suppose to be warm and very deep. We set up the chairs so can admire the view and Serinity,  then rumbling in the distance and then rain, down she came. All rush to pick up chairs then into our vans. Gary kindly invited us into his van for happy hour and frankfurts. Yum. Thanks Gary.

      Day trip to Beechworth. Great old buildings. We explore the Bee Shop, very tasty honey.  Telegraph Office, Court House, Beechworth Bakery....of course. Billson's, for famous Cordials, Spirits and Mixers. Mourish. We head out to Woolshed Falls which are good. Suppose to be free camp some where but we are unable to find it. Ok head back to Yackandandah and just this side of town is a free camp at a round about. We pull in and there's lots of road base here. After setting up for the night a worker drives in and tells us trucks will be coming  to pick up the road base at 6.30 am. Bugger, ok we set our alarms for 6.00 am. During the night  a refrigerater truck comes in. Stops for the night, motor going. Barb slept through it, we didn't. We head to Beechworth and the park for breakfast. Stoves, bread, butter and honey come out, yummy. Tea and coffee too. Communial Breakfast. Beechworth is a great town but not RV Friendly, it's a pity.

      That night we go to Milawa, free camp. Level and stumpy grass. Toilet across the road at Brown's Winery. Good spot. Only frog sounds that night, lovely. We visit the Cheese Factory and buy plus winery,  neat gardens but they want $10 for tasting. We give it a miss. Next morning we are woken at 6.00 am by a strange noise. 50 metres away are Hot Air Balloons being filled by gas heaters. Well we are all out of our vans watching. There is 7 in all, different sizes and colours. Takes a while then slowly they lift off, right over our heads. Up, Up and Away. Beautiful.

      On our sight seeing that day we visit a Garlic Farm, Eldorado which has the smallest pub in Victoria. A large Gold Dredge, Swinging Bridge and a river. Great day and then Barb has cooked a Potato Bake for all of us. Thanks Barb - Yum. We are close to the Painted Silo's I saw last year. As the others haven't seen them we decide to detour and see them. 1st stop Glenrowan for a look then onto Tungarmah and the Lion's Club free camp beside Boosey Creek. It is fabulous. Large amenities block, hot shower, clean toilets, garbage bins and a BBQ you could eat off. Which we did, a breakfast and tea. Walking distance to town where there is 3 churches, general store,P.O. and a pub. Happy hour was overlooking the river with heaps of white cockatoo's - noisy and as it got dark we were visited by a couple of possums in the trees. 

      Woke to the sounds of screaching cockatoo''s 7.30 am so not too bad. After breakfast and packing lunch we drive to the Tumgamah Silo's. Starts to drizzle but thankfully only couple minutes. Then the Info Centre. Onto Winton Wetlands, none of us have been there before. Has heaps Sculptures, Murals on wire fencing and walking tracks. Took a drive through the wetlands where there was painted cows etc. Was an interesting place and also a painting of the Rainbow Serpent on a log. Off to Goorambat - Devenish and St James to see the Silo's. Everyone agreed they were worth seeing. St. James even had a new mural. Back at camp we had a communial BBQ to end a great day. This free camp is soooo good and we all gave a donation. It is a shame Beechworth doesn't have something to encourage us to stay longer.

      Next morning we drive to Benalla with great scenery with the land being prepared for sewing. Last October when I drove through was full of yellow canola. We are 1st at the free camp, which is only for 5 vans. It's walking distance to town. Sue, Trev, Gary and myself walk up to see the Murals. There are heaps, some good, others so so. Is tiring so an ice cream is suggested for energy. It worked as we then walked to the train station. Had to go through a tunnel to get to the station...was we took a vote and sent Gary

Next day took a drive to find more murals then to Coles, Woolies and of course Aldi. It's a large town but easy to get around. We now have our fridges, freezers and cupboards full. After lunch took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens. Small but heaps fo roses. That night Sue, Trev, Gary and Barb had Liver and Bacon for tea. Louise and myself not liking this food cooked our own boring but eatable meal. We are all different. 

      Next day we arrived back at Milawa and boy is it wet. We had had light drizzle but here they had a downpour. We have an easy afternoon catching up on washing and playing Rummy O. 2 Motorhomes come in and drive on the grass.....BIG Mistake. Down they go. This is WHY you get out of your car and walk around to see where to park.....especially when there are puddles every where. This is reason free camps are closed.....IDIOTS  They are eventually pulled out with a 4 wheel drive.

      Last time here a caravanner had told us about King Valley and how beautiful it was. This is the reason we back tracked. 1st stop Moyhu, small town with couple murals. Onto Paradise Falls - Challenging walk down but definately worth it. Great views and a huge rock cavity. Makes you feel so small. Cheshunt for lunch -- much anticipated hamburgers, pizza, potato scallops and we were not dissapointed. Whitfield is last stop where it is up market, catering for the yuppies.

      Next camp spot is excellent at Whorouly Recreation Reserve, very small town 17kms from Myrletford. Hot showers, toilets, garbage bins and a BBQ. Spoilt again. Donation of $15.00 per problem happy to pay. Myrleford has a Phoenix Tree sculpture and sculptures for the Tabacco Industry plus mosaic's which we had to find. Also a photo showing a tobacco growing family. It says around 1950. Sitting near is a lady, Joan we find out from her grandaughter. Joan tells us that she is the little girl in the photo and was 3 years old. It was actually taken in 1929. Interesting lady to talk too. Good day. That night Gary has cooked us Spagetti Bolonase for tea....Thanks Gary, was yum. Every one reminded to put clocks back as day light savings ends.

      Next morning Barb is cleaning out her van. She had a mouse staring at her through the night. Barb stays at camp to clean her van while we drive to Lake Buffalo. Was good drive and as we drive over the dam wall the water is so still, but still looks cold. Had great picnic area. The Serenity. Back at camp Barb thinks her mouse problem is solved. 

      Next day we are on the move to Bright. As I empty my bucket from under the sink there is a dead mouse, hopefully that was Barb's visitor. We park near town, which is very busy. We go for a walk along the river - beautiful. Lady in the Info Centre has told us about a camp only 8 kms out called Freeburgh Camp.  The road in is dirt with very large....and I do mean very large ditches. There is a huge group of friends camped there. They have a large stacks of firewood. Babies, kids on bikes and music. Going to be a noisy night. Actually the noise last night didn't go too long. But we have decided to move on to Smoko Camp about 17kms from Bright, and as we drive out through the large ditches are glad as wouldn't want to be drive in & out too much. Smoko is great camp, large area's and fire pits. After setting up we drive to Mt. Buffalo. There we walk to 3 falls. One very steep. We were puffing when reached the top but well worth it. Next stop is the Mt. Buffalo Chalet opened in 1910. Magnificent in it's day. Definately for the well to do. Now is maintained by Parks Victoria. Magnificent views. Then onto a dirt road, not too bad, and arrive at The Horn. It's a steep rocky climb with magnificent views along the way. On reaching the top we all go WOW....BRILLIANT. What a great day we have had.

      Bright has a Emu and Deer Farm which we visit. Interesting. That day we also visit Porepunkoh where there is a new estate and large homes. Into Bright for a walk around, nice town, well layed out. Onto Nightingale Apple Produce that sells good fruit and Cider. Last stop is Chinese Bridge and Pavillion before heading back to camp and a fire that night. Communal tea  -Horderves - little boy frankfurts. Main - Jaffles. Dessert - Spuds in the hot coals. Yum

      Next day we decide a No Drive Day. Stay around camp and mundaine chores. Barb is cleaning her van again as she still has her visitor. This time has eaten flour, rice and bread. Barb takes everything out, cleans and puts in containers. Hopefully this time he is gone. In the arvo we go for a walk along a bike track and we find a small river. Peaceful. Have decided to stay here 5 days as it's Easter and is a great spot. Good Friday we woke to rain so stayed around camp playing Quiddler, Rummy O, and old favourite Sequence. Barb informed us the mouse is back, so she takes a trip to Bright and buys Baits. Hopefully this will work.

      Easter Saturday took short drive to Harrietville. Another beautiful drive..8.6kms. It is very busy with mountain bikes every where and adults and kids of all sizes. Has usual bakeries and coffee shops. Homemade pies and sausage rolls. Was 11 degrees  but didn't feel that cold, sun trying to come out. Also that morning Barb has a dead mouse in a towel, so hopefully her rodent problem is solved....again.  No one else had a problem, thank goodness. Fire again that night and another Communal tea.Jaffles....Sue & Trev Tuna Mornay, Gary Chicken Apricot, Bev Cheese & Pineapple. Spuds in hot coals again.Louise supplies Stewed apple & Lebanese Bread. Boy we eat well. Starts to drizzle so we all go under Trev & Sue awning then to our vans. We have been lucky with the weather, this is first time for few days rain.

    We must have all been good as come  Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny has left us chocolates. Today in bright sunshine we pack up and are heading to Dinner Plains. It is 1570 metres above sea level....Bright is 319 metres. 66 kilometres drive. Just after Harrietville we start to climb, sharp bends doing 25 to 35 km per hour. The road is wide enough but you really have to concentrate and no sooner turn left when you have to turn right. Just before Mt. Hotham the mist and clouds come, also the sleet. Sorry carn't stop for a look as need to keep driving so we don't get stuck. Finally drove into Dinner Plains, the trip took 1hour & 40 mins for 66 km. Find the free camp,get out of my car, straight into the caravan and change from shorts to long pants and jumper plus jacket. Shock to the system. It's 3 degrees.

After rugging up we go for a walk into town. Typical ski resort town, pubs and cafes all with huge wood fires. Plenty of Ski Houses and one man is having a garage sale. Trev scores a beanie, Gary gloves all free. He has sold his home and wants everything gone. Sun is trying to come out but the wind is keeping it chilly.

      When we wake up in the morning everything is white. All car's, van's are covered in snow. The toboggan hill near us now has kids and parents sliding down, looks like fun. There is no way we are moving on yet, so morning tea in Gary's motorhome. We wait it out. Just before lunch the sun is out and the snow / ice is melting. It scapes off the cars easy as so soft. We wonder what the road is like to Omeo ? Actually it was great, like a country drive, not steep and wide sweeping bends. Thank goodness.

      Omeo is a small town and has a fabulous Clock shop, also other buildings have character. It is Sue and Trev's Wedding Anniversary and we go out to lunch at a great little cafe. We have Roast Pork, Baked Spuds, Pumkin, Beans and a Veggy Bake with Gravy and Apple Sauce. Sooooooo Yummy. It is also a lot warmer here. Our camp for the night is along a river with heaps of ducks swimmimg. For a small town it is very interesting. Has bike sculptures every where, some so funny plus a huge mountain bike track for kids and adults

    Our first stoop next day is Swift's Creek and the bakery. The countryside is so lush and beautiful. Hills green and windy road along a small river. Tranquil - although carn't enjoy too much as have to watch the road and there is heaps of traffic. We come upon Bruthen intersection and is so busy. Finally find a place to park and then explore the town. It is only small, usual shops for place this size. Lunch is at a cafe, so expensive but nice. It is all home made. Our camp for the night is 11 km west of town at a Recreation Reserve. No camping there, so green and clean amenities..bugger. But we can camp 20 metres away in a Gravel Pit and walk along short track to use the amenities.

      On the move again, this time stopping at Bairnsdale to have a look at a church...absolutely beautiful, worth the small diversion. It's a large town but not much to see so onto Eagle Point then Paynesville which is a small seaside town. Parked vans then took ferry to Raymond Island. We saw 8 koala's and a Kookaburra with a mouse. Never get sick of seeing animals in the wild. Back to the main land and Fish and Chips for lunch....naturally. Metung camp that night, is very small spot, probably 6 vans and has this fantastic toilet which is maintained by volunteers. After Happy Hour Barb, Gary, Louise and Sue are in Gary's van playing Rummy. Trev and I decided to continue Happy of those evenings you didn't want to go inside. This guy wallks in and says " You should come over to the water and see the colours." We get the others and walk across the road to this small wharf and WOW...He is swishing the water with his hand and it is blue, green and colourful. He grabs a branch much colour. Never seen anything like it. It is caused by the red algea and the full moon. Only happens sometimes. So glad we were there to see it.

       In the morning we head off for Lakes Entrance. We staying at Tylers Beach in a old caravan park which is long and narrow. Gravel and as it is raining muddy. Has toilet and shower that has seen better days. It is free for 2 nights then $25 a night. It is a tight fit. It is run by the Tavern at the front and most caravaners will go in for a drink or meal. After setting up we drive to town and the laundromat as nothing is drying in this weather. Sun is starting to come out so we take a walk along the Esplande and see wooden carvings for War Memorial. Must say was nice to  have power, lights, jug and computer. The Waterwheel Beach Tavern does a roaring trade each night. It has a huge pine tree out front and is lite up with Xmas lights each night, lovely. Oh no, Barb sees another mouse outside...baits out again.

      After 2 nights there we move on to Orbost, park at a great park for morning tea. A walk up town after where we call into the Information Centre which is a Slab Hut. Town has murals of the professionals and volunteers who helped in the 2019/20 bushfires including the Fijian Fire Fighters. We drive to our camp which is called Murrungowar Rest Area. Ashphelt and the weather is hot so our awnings go out to give us shade. In the morning it is raining constantly so we decide to stay another night. Rummy O, Sequence etc is played in Gary's van. Barb has had a bad night as could smell a dead mouse. Was very cold that night too considering day before we sweltered.

    We wake to sun and decide to have pancakes for breakfast at the picnic table. With Blueberries..Yum. We then hitch up and onto Cann River. There is a wooden church and lolly shop. The lady in the Info Centre is very good with what is around. BUT you need a 4 wheel drive vechicle.

      We head to Genoa and our home for 2 nights. Level, grass, toilet....great spot. We set up, awnings out, washing out..home. Later in the arvo we take a walk around the park where a lady is painting a sculpture. It is a Tetrapod ( animal with 4 feet ). The footprints were found in the early 70's, so they decided to do the statue. Impressive, looks like a Salamander. Then across a new looking bridge over the river to town. It has a pub, garagae and couple houses all a renovator's delight. Town hasn't thrived since ?????? Gary suggests Jaffles ( he loves his Jaffles ). We have apple, puree apple, cinnamon, dates, ginger and cranberries. What a choice. We don't forget the custard either and marshmellows too.

      We wake up to a beautiful morning, pack morning tea and lunch then drive to Mallacoota. Info Centre first.The WW 2 Bunker is opened 2 days a week and Today's the Day. Only opened 9.30 to 11.30 am. 10.15 am now. Thanks goodness only a couple kms'.   Was steep steps down but was not dissappointed  by the display. We then explored Quarry Beach - Great rock formations, Secret Beach - had a great cave to look out of and Pebbly Beach. Water so crystal clear but still a tad cool for swimming. Beautiful. Over Happy Hour we decide to stay an extra night and explore more. 

      We say Good Bye to Gary in the morning, he will be missed..."Who's going to clean our windscreens now " Louise is having trouble with her battery and decides to go to the caravan park in Mallacoota to charge up. Then there was 4. We have lost a week end. Our first stop is Gypsy Point - average. Driving around the lake we take a side street down to the water and a beautiful spot, good for morning tea. Into Mallacoota and a walk along the foreshore where there are a couple lookouts with views over the crystal clear water. Mallacoota Council Caravan Park is ---HUGE. Has 650 sites and is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Off season only $27 power and $20 unpowered.....and BOY...... What A View. Barb and I pay $6 to have a shower at the park. The ladies are being cleaned so into the large disable one. Well worth it. Trev says I was in there for ages. So hard to turn the taps off. On our way home we take a detour down a narrow dirt road to Sandy Point. There is a picnic area and tiny sandy beach, was ok. Had a very quiet Happy Hour that night.

      Eden is our last stop on this trip. The time has gone so quick. Our camp site is 39 km from Genoa, we don't travel far. It is 20 km from Eden. After setting up in the tranquil setting we drive to Eden and the Info Centre. Once again very helpful. With map in hand we go to the Rotary Look Out - Splendid. Then Rock Pool - Fabulous colour in the rocks and there are people swimming in the pool. Bbrrr.  A walk around town where we are getting hungry, so hamburgers at the local cafe. Nice too. We then call into Hotel Australasia...a restored grand old pub. Beautiful. That Happy Hour we had the best fire as the wood was so good. Naturally Jaffles and Marshmellows on the menu for tea. Was after 9.00 pm before we went to our vans. So enjoyable being under the stars and they were so bright.

      Next day we drive to Beowa National Park. Lots of dirt roads - Potholes are not too bad. Glad in Trev's Toyota and not my Dusty. 1st stop Davidson Whaling Station. Beautiful old cottage and down at the water is crystal clear - gorgeous. Then onto Boyds Tower which is a magnificent structure. Tall sandstone block tower used for whale watching. The rocks and sea are WOW.  Onto Cape Green Lighthouse. The lighthouse is impressive - most southern in NSW and first concrete one.We learn so much on these trips. At City Rock we walk through dead looking trees and once out the view is amazing....again. The coast here is one of the best we have seen. Words do not describe it. At Disaster Bay Look Out we view the coastline. Eden is a beautiful town and would love to spend more time here.

      We pack up in the morning and have decided to drive to Bega to camp at the showground, unhook and investigate Tathra to Pambula. We arrive...BUGGER....No Camping....There is a huge horse gymkhana on. Ok we drive in and use toilet which is a new one. So clean. Dump Point, Garbage and fill up with water. Domestics done. We then go to a local park for morning tea and "Where to from here ?" Coffee, biscuits and Camps 11 out. Barb say she stayed at a good camp at Candelo about 25km west. Very quite she says and you camp across the road from the General Store. Sounds good and still time to explore the coast. It is a nice country drive, peaceful. What's parked everywhere. Road Closed. It is a festival, stalls and thousands ( not exagerating ) of people. Looked a great spot too. Ok Plan C -- Cobargo Pub - We ring to make sure nothing big happening. All good, has 3 spots for us. Great see you shortly. Well Tathra to Pambula will have to wait till another time. It is a small grassy spot beside the pub, nice. Also has a toilet, shower and laundromat, Dump Point, Return and Earn and water. Good spot. That night they have a band called Smoke and Mirrors. Listened to them from the van. Some songs ok and finished at 10.30pm. This is our last night together.

     Barb is off to Nowra, Sue and Trev to Narooma to catch up with a friends. I follow Friday to Narooma then on my own to Goulburn. Is a good country drive, Misty Mountain had a few sharp, step bends, but nothing Dusty and Pocket Rocket couldn't handle. Last night at Goulburn Caravan Park then the drive home.

      This has been a fabulous trip. Seen so many new places and the camps sites have been so different. Beside rivers, in forests, on ashfelt, some level some..."It will be ok for one night". Also learnt..plurals names for Fireflies...Sparkle     Butterflies..Claudoscope     Dragonflies..Swarm     Ducks..Paddling       Koalas..Cling.


    Didn't want it to end.

Report By Bev