Blacksmiths Trip  November 2022

 10 Friendly Travellers ventured to Blacksmiths Holiday Park. Was a brisk breeze blowing as Marion put up her tent. Upon finishing the tent looked a bit sideways. As Marion and a couple others attempted to right it a small tear occurred. "That's it I'm going to buy a new one at Bennetts Green." So off went Marion and Louise. Not long after they were back. "Guess what, called into Aldi and they had 2 tents left...$28 on special. Bargin." In no time Marion's new home for the week was up and she was happy.

Some of us took a stroll around the park then to Blacksmiths Beach where was blowing a gale. Took a walk along the breakwalk to Grannies Pool, nice sheltered spot but was low tide. 

Next day some relaxed around camp, some went swimming and Sue & Trevor venturer to Aldi to see if last tent was still there. No luck.

Wednesday we all took the short stroll to the Bakery for breakfast. Was yummy too. On returning to camp we decided needed exercise so into cars and drive to Caves Beach. What a beautiful spot. Tide was out and we wandered through the caves. A drive through the new estate did not impress us. The old pub is still standing, big area out the back. Also all the old coal miners shacks have been done up and painted....looked fabulous, so much character.

The camp kitcen has an outdoor ( with a roof ) BBQ area, table and chairs while inside has full cooking facilities. Both area's were used for Happy Hour and tea due to it still being very windy. Of a night Sequence and Rummy King came out for games of skill. Great fun.

Took a drive to Murray's Beach, so many trees and narrow roads. All agreed would not like to live there. Sue had left over chicken from Melbourne Cup so out came the Thermo Pot and we all comtributed something to it. Kimberly did a magnificent snack for Happy Hour. Then we all ate together the feast followed by Chocolate Bavarian from Ron. Yummy

A couple of members had other arrangements following night so the rest of us had left overs.

Glenore and Ivan came and visited for morning tea one day. Also Ken and Anne invited us over for morning tea. Katie and Bill came as well. Was nice to catch up with them.

We all agree was a great relaxing week to end the year. Will keep this park in mind again.

Report By Bev